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SSDLife Keeps You Informed of Your Solid-State Drive's Health and Lifespan
SSDLife hält Sie über den Zustand und die Lebensdauer Ihres Solid-State-Laufwerks auf dem Laufenden
Wir alle wissen, dass Solid-State-Laufwerke ein wenig Pflege brauchen. Wenn Sie also wissen möchten, wie es um den Gesundheitszustand Ihrer SSD bestellt ist, können Sie sich mit dem kostenlosen Dienstprogramm SSDLife informieren.
Obwohl viele neuere SSDs weniger Probleme mit der Lebensdauer haben als ältere, ist es gut, ein Auge darauf zu haben, wie es um Ihr Laufwerk bestellt ist. SSDLife informiert Sie darüber, wie oft Ihr Laufwerk eingeschaltet und beschrieben wurde, wie es um seinen Gesundheitszustand und den S.M.A.R.T.-Status bestellt ist, und gibt Ihnen sogar eine Schätzung der Lebensdauer des Laufwerks.

Monitor And Inspect Health Status Of SSD Drives With SSDlife
SSDlife is a free health diagnostic utility that is developed for SSDs – Microchips-based Solid State Drives. SSDs are commonly distinguished by the mechanism of storing data from other HDDs (which depends upon the spinning of disk to perform read/write operations). As data is stored on micro-chips, SSDs are considered more faster and stable than other conventional disks, thus demands separate tools to thoroughly inspect its different elements. SSDlife is one such dedicated tool which lets you view complete information about the SSD disks, shows all the technical details, checks SSD health status while an option for reporting the detailed health-related information online to get feedbacks is also provided.

Tool SSDlife Checks Your SSD Drive’s Healthy Status and Tells When It’s Going To Die
SSD is amazing. It's simply the easiest way to boost your computer's performance, no matter how old your computer is. However, because of the nature design, it has a short life cycle comparing to the traditional hard disk. Despite of a lot of improvement that has been put into the SSD design, its life cycle is still my main concern when I think of putting it in real use. So it's going to be very helpful if you know when it's going to die. That's why this SSDLife Free tool might be very useful and handy in this regard.
If you own and use a SSD right now on your Windows 7, you might want to give this tool a try to find out how long the drive is going to last.