SSDlife version history

2.5.82 - September 3, 2014

+ Added support for Sasmung 850 Pro.
+ Added support for SanDisk Ultra Plus.
+ Added support for SanDisk Extreme USB 3.0 Flash Drive.

2.5.80 - August 6, 2014

+ Fixed support for Crucial M550 mSATA (detection, added image)

2.5.78 - July 14, 2014

+ Full support for Crucial M500, M550, MX100 added
* some bugs fixed

2.5.76 - May 28, 2014

* some bugs fixed

2.5.69 - March 26, 2014

* Japanese translation fixes.
* some bugs fixed

2.5.67 - February 20, 2014

+ New feature - Firmware monitoring (will be explained later)
* some bugs fixed

2.3.56 - June 15, 2013

+ SSDLife for Ultrabook release!
* some bugs fixed

2.3.50 - October 5, 2012

+ Support for mSATA LiteON M3M added.
+ some other important changes, but details about them are lost :-)

2.2.42 - January 27, 2012

+ For Samsung 830 support for writen bytes statistics has been added.
+ Added support for  AData S596, Corsair Force, Force GT, Performance Pro, Plextor PX-M2P, PX-M3S, SanDisk P4.
* Fixed support for MacBook Air.
+ If the disk does not report detailed information about the condition (wear), then we portray the general state, good/bad by the general status SMART.
+ If the disk does not support read/writen statistics, then we inform the user about it.
- The web-report function is temporarily disabled.


2.2.39 - November 29, 2011

* New images for ssd disks Patriot Torqx 2, Corsair Nova 2, SanDisk P4 (health status not supported)
* No any messages about expired license key. Fixed.

Samsung 830, OCZ Vertex Plus
are now supported!

We're glad to announce release of SSD Life 2.3.38!- November, 15, 2011.
+ Added the support of the following SSD drives: Samsung 830, Kingston V+180, Kingston SSDNow 30GB, OCZ Vertex Plus, Kingston V+100
* Improved the support of Kingston SNVP325 and SNV325 drives after firmware changes.
- Due to recent modifications in the firmware of Samsung 470 drives, it's no longer possible to monitor their health status. The support of these SSD drives has been discontinued. :-(
* The design of the main window has been changed – more space has been added, since 3 lines of text (for instance, a WARNING state notification) did not fit into the default text area.
* In some cases, the file with monitoring data was deleted (e.g after upgrades). The issue is fixed now.

Intel 320, Intel 510, Vertex 3, Crucial C400
are now supported!

We're glad to announce release of SSD Life 2.1.29!- April, 26, 2011.
+ The modern Intel 320, 510, Corsair Performance Series 3, Vertex3, Crucial C400/m4 SSDs are now supported!
+ Information about AData S599, S590 has been added.
* Data about Intel X25-M SMART attributes has been updated.
* The SSD lifetime calculation algorithm has been improved.
* Minor interface modifications have been made.
* When the free version was upgraded, the settings and data of the program were deleted even if the user wanted to keep them. Fixed.
* SSDLife would not start after its installation event if this option was selected. Fixed.

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You asked, we made it!
Full Crucial C300 SSD support!

One of the most popular and demanded models of SSD is supported by SSDLife, starting from version 1.2.17. Now it is easy to know the lifetime (health) status of your Crucial C300 HDD!

SSDLife 1.2.17 Released!

We're glad to announce release of SSD Life 1.2.17!- January, 28, 2011.
+ Full Crucial C300 support added.
* Fails to show attribute names for Kingston SNV225. Fixed.

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SSDLife 1.1.15 Released!

We're glad to announce release of SSD Life 1.1.15!- January, 18, 2011.
Changes in this version:
+ If the free space is less than 20%  of the capacity of an SSD, the
information on the free space is highlighted in red.
+ Replaced the "No SSD found" message with a more descriptive one.

Fixed bugs:
* Displays incorrect disk size in the online report. Fixed.
* Returns incorrect disk information - outdated firmware version, etc. Fixed.
* Loses registration data after installing the ServicePack. Fixed.
* Shows high-capacity Crucial drives as unknown. Fixed.
* Added link to the page describing the health calculation algorithm. Fixed.
* Returns wrong  end-of-life date: at 20% health, it warns that the disk will
die tomorrow. Fixed.
* Fails to show attribute names for Kingston. Fixed.

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SSDLife Released!

We're glad to announce release of SSD Life 1.0.12!


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